RAMM accounts

Everything from the investment world in one unique service RAMM is the only system, where both traders and investors can operate and have complete control over the acceptable level of risk, and at the same time, make their investments as efficient as possible. Just specify your level of acceptable losses and you can be sure that the funds you invested will be under full control and make the most of the market opportunities.


RAMM accounts are a unique solution

Complete control over your account

The funds are kept on your account and remain under your full control. You can stop your trading operations at any moment and withdraw your investments from trading.

Risk level limitations

Specify the amount of acceptable losses for a week and you can be sure that the Trader will not exceed the level you specified.

The system is easy to work with

The functionality integrated in the system will allow you to focus on trading without paying attention to complicated calculations. The system will determine the required volume for each trading operation by itself according to your preferences.

Long-term efficiency

Maintain the efficiency of each strategy for a long period of time by managing your risks properly.

Invest into strategies

Invest your funds into an effective strategy, keeping complete control over them and defining the level of acceptable risks on your own.

Attract investors

Seek a higher amount of weekly payments from your investors by showing efficient trading on the market and attracting new investors.

How to Start

How to strat


The minimum investment for Trader: 50 USD
The minimum investment for Investor: 10 USD

Create a strategy or find successful Trader

For Trader: Create a strategy, start trading and enter the Rating
For Investor: Open the Rating and find the most successful Trader

Only the best from the signals services and PAMM:

PAMM Signal services RAMM
A strategy is copied in full, execution prices are the same for the trader and all their investors
An investor’s exit from a strategy is done instantaneously and does not influence other investors
The accuracy of copying does not depend on the amount of investment
Risk control is embedded in the trading and does not allow the trader to exceed the weekly loss limits
Fair commission structure — investors pay only when they get profit
Individual settings of investment parameters
The service is legal in regulated jurisdictions
Service is available for XIG Limited clients

RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Model)